CIT Conference Room Scheduling FAQ
Why are we migrating to a conference room reservation method?
bullet   We want to make conference room reservation easy for everyone to do themselves.
bullet   We have a lot of orphaned meetings, double bookings and meetings with no end date. This migration will help clean up the confusion surrounding conference room availability.

Why didn’t my meeting get migrated to the new conference room schedule?
bullet   We have a lot of orphaned meetings, double bookings, and meetings with no end date. It is hard to discern who is really using the conference room. To clean up the calendar we have reached out to conference room reservation owners and asked them to update their meetings to use the new reservation procedures.

Why can’t I reserve a room with no end date?
bullet   We have set a limit of 180 days for advanced reservation of conference rooms. This will help to prevent orphaned meetings in the future.

Why doesn’t my conference room appear in Outlook?
bullet   These reservation procedures do not apply to all conference rooms in NIH.
bullet   Some CIT Conference room were excluded from Outlook reservation because they are dedicated to specific Teams or Functions.

How do I find seating capacity for a conference room?
bullet   Many of the Rock Spring conference rooms have their seating capacity listed .
bullet   On a Windows-based machine (PC), seating capacity is listed in the in Rooms button next to the location field. Please note, this information does not appear when you use the Room Finder tool.
bullet   On a OSX-based machine (Mac), seating capacity is not listed for the conference rooms. This is a limitation of the Mac Outlook Client.
  Rooms button next to the location field
bullet   You can contact CIT Service Desk if you are unsure of the seating capacity.

Do all conference rooms have Audio/Video equipment?
bullet   Most conference rooms in Rock spring do AV capability. There are a few exceptions in Building 12, please See the list of Audio/Video equipment .

Why don’t I have/why doesn’t the Join button work/appear on the touch panel when I schedule a conference room?
bullet   The Join designed for use with WebEx meetings. If you have scheduled a Skype for Business Meeting, this will not work.
bullet   If you have scheduled a WebEx Meeting and the join button did not work, please let us know so we can troubleshoot your meeting reservation.

Checking Conference Room Availability
How do I add a conference room’s calendar to my Outlook?
bullet   Open your Outlook Calendar. Select the Open Calendar button from the Home menu, then select From Room List. In the Search window, locate the conference room you would like to add to your calendar, double-click it, then click OK. It will be added to your list of calendars on the left side of the window.

address book
How do I check the availability of a conference room?
There are a few methods for checking the conference room availability:
bullet   Scheduling Assistant
  a. Open your Outlook Calendar and select New Meeting button from the Home menu.
  b. Select the Rooms button next to the location field.
  c. Select the desired room from the list of rooms that appears on the availability timeline.

  Rooms lists
bullet   Room Finder
  a. Open your Outlook Calendar and select New Meeting button from the Home menu.
  b. Select the Room Finder button on the far-right side of the Meeting menu bar.
Room Finder button
  c. From the drop down Show a room list, highlight the conference room group from the list.
rop down Show a room list
  d. Select the from the list available rooms that are open at the specified date and time.
  e. Room Finder will also provide suggested times for scheduling your meeting.

bullet   Adding a conference Room Calendar to your Outlook
  a. Use this method if you are checking on a specific room’s availability but are not reserving a meeting.
  b. Open a conference room’s calendar to display its availability.
Rooms button next to the location field
Meeting Reservation Response
How do I know if my conference room reservation is accepted?
bullet   You will receive an email from the conference room letting you know if your reservation was accepted, declined or tentative. This confirmation email is normally received within a minute of sending your reservation.

How do I change my meeting reservation?
bullet   Be sure to confirm your meeting update does not conflict with other reservations made for the room. If you need to change your meeting, send a meeting update. DO NOT send a new reservation if you need to update your meeting.

Why do I still have a meeting on my calendar if the conference room declined my reservation?
bullet   A conference room is invited to a meeting the same way any other attendee is invited. If an attendee declines your meeting invitation, your meeting is still added onto your personal outlook calendar.

Why did I receive a tentative response after sending a meeting invitation?
bullet   A tentative response is sent if a conference room needs approval for a reservation. When you receive a tentative response, an email is sent to a distribution list for reservation approval. The distribution list for approval varies depending on the room being reserved. You will receive a definite response after someone from the conference rooms approval distribution list responds.

Why did my meeting get decline for an available conference room?
bullet   Scheduling for some conference rooms is limited to specific teams. Only members of a specific team can reserve this type of room.
bullet   Check the meeting date and time or your meeting recurrence.
bullet   Meetings reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance. If this is exceeded, the meeting request will be declined. This policy helps to prevent lingering or orphaned conference room reservations that no one wanted anymore.
Permission & Equipment
Conference room seating capacity, business phone number and audio/video equipment and scheduling permissions
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