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Common Scenarios

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Based on the event criteria provided, the services highlighted below are possible solutions that would accommodate your event.


Videocast allows you to broadcast "live" events by simply clicking on a web link. With this service you will enable target audience to watch your event stream "live" from a desktop computer or mobile device. The event is also made available for viewers to watch at their convenience as an on-demand video with the capability to pause, rewind and fast forward.     

- NIH Conference Facilities
- Closed captioning

IM & Presence

Skype for Business/Jabber allows you to administer small collaboration sessions with easy access to HD video and web conferencing capabilities as well as other unified collaboration tools such as sharing documents and images and live chat.     

- Skype/Jabber accounts
- Computer headset/microphone
- Webcam


WebEx allows you to hold virtual meetings and share documents, images, and video online with colleagues or collaborators across the globe, without the high costs and scheduling difficulties of travel. You can also use WebEx to present on-demand training and quizzes.     

- WebEx account (for hosts)
- Desktop computer/Laptop
- Webcam

Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR)

CMR is one of the extended features of the WebEx typically providing a Virtual Meeting Room to the users where multiple participants can join the call. This service enables interoperability and combines real-time conferencing tools such as voice, video, content, and web into a single solution allowing the users to connect anytime, from anywhere using any device.     

- Standard based VTC endpoint
- Room with video endpoint(s)
- WebEx account (for host)

Compare Services

VideoCast CMR WebEx Skype for Business/Jabber
Remote Presenter(s)   Yes Yes Yes
Interactive Collaboration   Yes Yes Yes
Viewer Size 25+ Yes Yes Yes  
Meeting Recording Yes Yes Yes  
Highest Video Quality Yes Yes    
NIH Conference Faclity Yes   Yes  
Video Conference   Yes    
Live Online Broadcast Yes
IM/Presence   Yes   Yes
508 Compliance/CC Yes Yes Yes  

Compare Services

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IM Presence