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Providing a variety of communication and collaboration services which enable the NIH community to interact with people world-wide.

2015 Issue of NIH Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) Newsletter


VideoCasts enable participants to view Division, Institute, and Branch town halls, conferences and seminars remotely while responding to questions during the session. Include a one-way broadcast of the presentation with high-quality video and/or slides to reach a larger target audience.


NIH Web Collaboration

NIH WebEx is a virtual meeting application that offers three options based on your meeting room capacity requirements: Meeting Center, Training Center, and Event Center. The WebEx Suite allows you to facilitate small, impromptu staff meetings, training sessions, webinars, and large online events. WebEx productivity tools let you integrate your WebEx personal meeting room with Microsoft Outlook to use the “1-Click" feature to invite colleagues to a meeting to share documents, stream and share video, and use other collaboration tools such as annotation and whiteboard.


Video Conferencing

Video Teleconferencing (VTC) allows people to attend meetings held in another location by sending a real-time TV-style signal between two or more rooms. This connection can be used for talking, computer presentations such as PowerPoint slides, and video sources such as VHS tapes or DVDs.


Unified Communications Integration Group (UCIG)

Traditional spaces can be transformed into Multimedia Conference Rooms for meeting with people in the room, as well as remote attendees using VTC and Web Collaboration. We offer expert design services, construction, installation, and room automation, as well as follow-up technical support and routine maintenance.