Webex Overview

The NIH Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) team now offers the Webex Enterprise Suite as a key component of its UCC solution. This enterprise suite includes a wide range of web conferencing options for small and large-scale meetings. The suite uses Webex Meetings Desktop App to allow participants to collaborate using integrated Microsoft Office applications that enable access to a meeting, training session, or large-scale event via desktop software clients such as Cisco Jabber or MS Lync. Some meeting rooms are even accessible via a smartphone or tablet.

Our Webex Enterprise Suite is available with the following meeting rooms:

+   Personal Rooms (for recurring meetings)

+   Meeting Center (for internal and external meetings)

+   Event Center (for large-scale online events)

+   Training Center (for interactive online training and e-learning)
Get an Account

To setup a Webex account, submit a request to the NIH IT Service Desk including the following information:

bullet Your First and Last Name
bullet Your sponsoring Institute or Center
bullet Your official email address

NIH Login
NIH Login

Webex is fully integrated with NIH and Federated login. For Webex federated login, please refer to the “NIH Federated Login” section.

Instructions for Logging into Webex for NIH Users

To setup a Webex account, follow these steps:

  1. 1- Use your browser to navigate to: https://nih.Webex.com.
  2. 2- Select “Log In” from the right-hand side of the top navigation bar.
  3. 3- Log in with your NIH or PIV card credentials.
  4. 4- Download theWebex Meetings Desktop App (optional).
  5. 5- Once NIH or PIV card credentials have been verified, you will be able to create and host Webex meetings.
+   NIH Federated Login

+   NIH External Account
Webex Cost

The Webex service and its features are available to the entire NIH community at no charge, with the exception of the closed captioning services. Fees apply for closed caption services because these services are provided through a third-party captioning service vendor (see below for more details).

Live Captioning

Note: Additional fees will apply for closed captioning services, which are procured through a third-party captioning service vendor. Fees range from $175 - $263 per hour, billed in quarter-hour increments. CIT must receive caption requests no fewer than three full business days in advance of the event to be captioned. While we make every effort to secure a captioner on shorter notice, there is no guarantee that we will be able to support your request within anything less than a three-day time frame.

Contact the Office of Research Services (ORS) - NIH Events Management for an estimate and work order number.
Email: nihevntsmgt@mail.nih.gov
Phone: (301)-496-9966

How to

Webex Meetings

bullet Webex Events bullet Webex Training
     Get Started      Get Started       Get Started
     Schedule Meetings      Schedule Events      Schedule Trainings
     Start Meetings      Start and Join Events      Start and Join Trainings
     Join Meetings      Manage Audio       Manage Audio
     Manage Audio      Manage Video      Manage Video
     Manage Video
     Record Events      Record Trainings
     Record Meetings
     Share Content      Share Content
   Share Content      Communicate with Participants      Communicate with Participants
   Communicate with Participants      Audio Broadcast in Cisco Webex Events      Manage Hands-on Labs and Breakout Sessions
   Use Personal Rooms        

Quick Links

    How to setup the WebEx Scheduler Add-in for Office 365 (pdf)     NIH Zoom and NIH Webex Plugins Outlook for Mac (pdf)
    Join a Cisco Webex Meeting for Attendees     How to use Webex Assistant and Closed Captions
    Join a Webex Meeting from Windows 10 (pdf)    
    Schedule a Webex meeting for another host  bullet Initial setup for IT staff
    Using Personal Conference Numbers     Reserving conference rooms through Microsoft Outlook (pdf)
    Create and Enable Global Call in (pdf)    
     Set up Webex Audio-Only Meeting    
    Personal Conferencing bullet Webex Audio Dial-in Issue
    International Audio Conference Dial-in in (pdf)     Update the audio setting in Microsoft Outlook (pdf)
    Troubleshooting Meetings     Update the audio setting in Webex site (pdf)
    Webex Audio Troubleshooting    
    Join a WebEx as a Skype for Business Participant (pdf)    
    Join a WebEx Meeting using VTC Equipment (pdf)    
    Reserve a CIT Conference Room for Webex Meetings (pdf)    
    Reserve a conference room when scheduling a new meeting through Outlook (pdf)    
   Reserve a conference room for an existing scheduled meeting through Outlook (pdf)    
    How to View a conference room calendar in Outlook (pdf)    
    Webex Features and Controls (pdf)    
+   Data Protection

+   Webex Toll-Free Number Restriction

+   Storage Retention

+   Service Accounts Restriction

Have questions?

If you have questions or concerns about this change to Webex, contact the NIH IT Service Desk online at http://itservicedesk.nih.gov/support or by phone at 301-496-4357 to speak to a service desk agent or to submit a ticket for further assistance.

For an overview of Webex usage statics and updates to NIH Web Collaboration Service policies such as storage, toll-free restriction, and Adobe Connect retirement, please see this presentation to the NIH IT Service Desk Advisory Group (pdf) from March 22, 2017.

Best Practices for Securing Webex Meetings

Use the following guidelines for securing your Webex meeting to ensures the confidentiality of your meetings and helps prevent fraud.

bullet Scheduling Meeting and Handling Invitations and Information:  
     - Setting up a PIN for your Webex Meeting  
    - Change or View the Host PIN for My Personal Room
   - Setting up Meetings and Participant Registration
   - Ask your participants not to forward invitations. Instead, directly invite the new participants to the meeting yourself.
   - Avoid posting meeting information to publicly available locations and websites. Publicly available information can be exploited to gain access to your meetings.
bullet During Your Meeting:  
     - Use entry and exit tones to let you know when attendees join and leave the meeting (pdf)  
   - Lock your meeting once all attendees have joined
   - Expel unidentified meeting participants from a meeting
   - End your meeting once it has completed (pdf)
System Requirements

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP in April 2014, and Cisco ended support for Webex running on Windows XP in January 2015. Because of this, Cisco no longer provides updates for Webex running on Windows XP or fixes for Windows XP-related issues.

To avoid issues running Webex on Windows XP, Cisco strongly recommends upgrading to a supported version of Windows.

Contacting Webex Support

If you are experiencing interruptions with any Cisco Webex services, including Webex Messenger and Meeting services, please call the Webex Help Desk at +1-866-229-3239 or +1-408-435-7088. You may also open a ticket online at Webex support.

Webex System Requirements

bullet Minimum System Requirements for Webex  
bullet System Requirements for Webex Meetings for Mobile Devices:  

Downloads and Add-ons

bullet Install Cisco Webex Meetings for Mozilla Firefox  
bullet Install the Cisco Webex Meetings Google Chrome Extension  
bullet Install and Set Up the Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App  



You can quickly fix problems you might experience in a Cisco Webex meeting by visiting the Cisco webpage on Addressing Technical Issues.


Self-Service Technical Support

To submit a support case:
      1. Login to http://nih.Webex.com
      2. Click the “My Webex” tab located on the top menu bar. Select “Submit a Support Request” from the left-navigation menu.
Webex Knowledge Base: https://help.webex.com/?language=en-us
Submit Support Case: https://help.webex.com/contact?language=en-us

Customer Service

For questions related to product features and functionality, contact Webex Technical Support at 1-866-229-3239 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
For account related questions or other issues, contact the NIH IT Service Desk at http://itservicedesk.nih.gov/support or call (301) 496-HELP (4357), 301-496-8294 (TTY), or 866-319-4357 (HELP).

Test a Webex Meeting

Want to make sure Webex works on your computer? Try a test meeting. (Login Required)